Let’s the monster begins!

As usual every October I go all marathon until Halloween, and these year the topic I chose was giant monsters/Kaijus!

Basically a lot of Godzilla and friends!

Every year there is a requirement of following sequels in order, but given several of kaiju movies don’t require this, so  it is the only  rule  to not follow this year.

Let’s see the list at the end. I accept suggestions.

zilla-1.png (2)
I swear it was like that when I found it.



2018 !

For the 10 people who reads me. I have not done anything for the last 2 months because I have not finished some of the things I wanted to include, so this is going to take a while, but I hope I will finish them soon, before any of the future ends of the world.

Having said that, this is a new year! one more year! The clock keeps ticking, but I hope next year will be more things! So to start the year! Some random pictures of ]November and December 2017! and of course

Happy 2018 to any who reads this

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