They’re creepy and they’re kooky

It is October again! Which only meas one thing, again horror maraton!

This year there is not a precise theme, but I will try to keep it with creepy and kooky, specially because I got the complete Addams Family show, so I will definitely finish it by the end. Also some monster books during this month!

So basically, let’s start the October 2022 with the people itself and because I already watched all Addams Family movie except, The Addams Family 2 (2021), so this will be the first movie! of the month.

Also I will be reading Bakemonogotari light novels, so it means monsters! And with that,

October has arrived!

Show the adams family
Based on Charles Addams cartoon

At the plains of madness 2021

As every year this is again, I prepare an entry for Halloween, and this year has not been different. Although, usually there is more action, but given the current situation it was quite slow paced compared with other years.

The List

Just with October, it is the list of movies. Every year I watch 31 horror movies, and some times with a theme. This years theme was Lovecraftian, so the majority of the movies are Lovecraftian in nature.

  1. In the Mouth of Madness (1994) – surprisingly good…
  2. Nekrotronic (2014) – Dead on arrival…
  3. The thing (1982) – Yes, I finally finished…
  4. Snakes on a plane (2006) – snakes…on…a…plane…
  5. The Dooms of Chapel Horror (2016) – skip to the end…
  6. Blacula ( 1972) – It’s the 70’s. What else to say…
  7. The barge people (2018) – Cornwall people…
  8. Men in Black (1997) – I am still waiting for my invitation…
  9. The Pickman Model (2018,2021?) – Happy clouds need friends…
  10. Little Evil (2017) – Parks and Rec the fostering…
  11. Uzumaki (2000) – Another one surprisingly good…
  12. Hobo with a gun (2011) – Hahaha…
  13. Annihilation ( 2018) – of course, aliens…
  14. Vampires vs the Bronx (2020) – Do not mess with the Bronx…
  15. Dagon (2001) – Did he kissed his sister?…
  16. A Clockwork Orange (1971) – Finally…
  17. The shuttered room (1967) – the hillbillies…
  18. In the search of Darkness II (2020) – 4 hours…
  19. X: The man with the x-ray eyes (1963) – I call that cheating…
  20. Cosmic Sin (2021) – Yipi Kai Yei…
  21. Alien (1979) – Space is to noisy…
  22. Evira’s 40th anniversary – House on Haunted Hill (1951) – She is still the mistress of darkness…
  23. El Hoyo – The platform (2020) – so many commentaries…
  24. A Classic Horror Story (2021) – Classic Italian cinema…
  25. City of the living dead (1980) – Next time I turn on the subs…
  26. A nightmare wakes (2021) – Such a lie…
  27. The Beyond ( 1981) – More good Italian cinema…
  28. Slaxx (2021) – The fashion literally killing…
  29. Ghostbusters (1984) – Such a classic…
  30. Virgin Witch (1972) – wait what? so much plot…
  31. The Call of Cthulhu (2005) – Ending with the master himself…

This year there were not three at the end, but it has todo more with the timing than anything.

The Party

Every year I choose a party to attend for Halloween, but this year was limited by the world pandemic and I had to do a solo party, but I had my costume ready…

This is just to bring memory from when I disguised as octagon during carnival as child. It is a shame that there was no party to go and be the soul of the party.

And because no one else joined… I made my own party… with snacks and everything! Someone had to do it.

This year many things happened, and it was a very difficult month, but I hope the next will be more comfortable and going full on costume for everyone to enjoy!

At bay, you monster!!

The Return of The Mystic Space Plague Doctor

Giving the recent events during the year, I was glad to be able to still hold a party this year. Give it a like!

The Horror marathon

Just as every year, I do a horror marathon, and I describe here an in-depth review of them (I don’t). This year was full Shudder, so this were the list of movies:

  1. One Cut of the Dead (2017) – It is actually fun.
  2. The borderlands (2013) – I expected more to be honest.
  3. DeadTectives (2019) – This was a really good comedy.
  4. Almost Human (2013) – Failed body snatchers.
  5. Horror Noire (2019) – Much informative documentary.
  6. Lost Soul (2014) – Entertaining documentary.
  7. Time crimes (2007) – It was actually interesting.
  8. LFO (2014) – Nice and intriguing movie.
  9. Cold Hell (2017) – Not of my taste.
  10. Another Evil (2017) – It was meh.
  11. Beyond the Gates (2017) – 80’s nostalgia.
  12. The Wrath (2018) – I expected more. Nice Fx though.
  13. The diabolical (2015) – Interesting and nice concept.
  14. Host (2020) – It is just a zoom call. Really.
  15. Sam was here (2017) – Roadkill meal.
  16. WNUF Halloween Special (2013) – Poor guys, they were just having fun.
  17. The Devil’s Business (2012) – Arra shurre booii!
  18. Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992) – We are back with this cube.
  19. We are still here (2015) – Yes, and we know why.
  20. 0.0MHZ (2019) – BOOORIING
  21. Citadel (2012) – Take your meds kids.
  22. Resolution (2013) – I forgot about it till the ending.
  23. Maniac (1980) – Just the ending is worthy.
  24. Verotika (2019) – Don’t waste your time.
  25. WolfCop (2014) – Surprisingly fun.
  26. The Brood (1979) – It was not bad.
  27. Z (2018) – It was ok. The Babadock was better.
  28. Spiral (2019) – They need more mobile phones.
  29. Scare Package (2019) – Very nice anthology, proper retro style and fun.
  30. A creepshow animated special (2020) – Nice as always
  31. The Mortuary Collection (2019) – Help wanted!

The Dance with Death.

Every year is important to concentrate in a big Halloween Party, this year I was able to prepare an create one. It took a lot of time to decorate and cook all the necessary parts of the house, but it was worth it.

Rising the dead

The first thing in the agenda is to prepare for rising the the mood, so here some pictures of the transformation from a humble house to a house welcoming the dead.

Collecting of souls

Once the mood is ready, and the house is set, it is time for the reaper to pick up its bounty, on this special Halloween night.

Plague Doctor
I came to to collect your bodies.

Come and have a a look around, the house on the undead. Very few check in, but no one checks out.

Hungry, anyone?

Don forget to visit the graveyard and say hit to fluffy the giant spider afraid of the dark.

I was glad that people enjoyed the themed dance and also the playlist. I hope of something similar could be done in following years. It is hard work, but if it is only for one day of a year, it is worth it.

Until next year. Wherever it is.

Collecting your bodies.
Bring out your Dead!

Revenge of the Barbaric Robot Bikinis

Every year during the month of October, I try to do a 31 days – 31 Horror Movies.

This year it is no different. The only new thing to add is that I will be watching straight from Shudder. So it will be easy to just select a new movie.

The rules as every year with just a slight tweak if someone catches it:

  1. It must be a movie I haven’t seen ever or in a period of 5 years.
  2. Sequels must be watched in sequence. No jumps.

To start this year, the first movie will be: “One Cut of the Dead”.

Let’s see how it goes.